Chainsaw: hold it well, use it well for slaughtering

Adopt a good position

To start, adopt a stable position:

  • with his legs a little spread,
  • the left foot slightly forward from the right.

To limit your fatigue, it is recommended to hold the chainsaw close to your body.

Keep your back straight! And if you have to work close to the ground: lower your knees.

To guarantee your safety, one absolute rule: no part of the body must be in the extension of the guide bar axis.

Personal protective equipment

Before using the chainsaw, make sure you are properly equipped:

  • protective glasses or visor; helmet if necessary
  • sturdy gloves
  • reinforced shoes
  • cut-resistant pants
  • earmuffs

Getting started with the chainsaw

The chainsaw must always be held with both hands.

Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the left hand is placed on the front handle, the right on the rear handle.

The thumbs should be tight around the handles.

A good chainsaw like Stihl chainsaw, is balanced. Regardless of the position of the left hand on the hoop, the machine remains horizontal; only the cutting plane (“the inclination” of the blade with respect to the vertical) varies.

The cutting process

Always safe at all times

  • we only work on the ground; never on a ladder, never straddling a trunk
  • with your legs slightly apart
  • near the trunk
  • ideally, without moving the legs during cutting
  • make sure that no one is near you

Before you start

The chain of your chainsaw must be well sharpened. Try a test on a piece of wood:

  • if the cut produces small chips: it’s okay.
  • if you get wood dust, the chain is dull.

The right actions

Be careful not to leave the accelerator in the “start” position for long periods of time during cutting.

Avoid bounces.

Never saw while holding the tool above you: the limit not to be exceeded is the height of your shoulders

A trunk often has a curvature, so always start cutting on the compression side and finish cutting on the tension side, and see how to cut taking into account the stresses of the wood.

Do not press the machine to penetrate the blade: with a sharpened chain, the cutting is done by itself.

Do not try to get out of the plane in which you started working: do not tilt or force the guide bar during cutting.

The chain must be tightened properly. Monitor the tension regularly and, if necessary, tighten the chain.

Slaughtering, a professional job

If you are not 100% comfortable, do not practice slaughter yourself. This activity is risky: seek professional help.